Micael`s letter


 Dear Santa ,my mummy said i could write to you but she also said that i need it to be honest in it so i have to make a confession.

"Why is mummy laughing ?" Mummies can be so weird, sometimes! It is my mum who is writing this letter to you, i am only 7 and i can write but not so well so i say to mummy and she puts into words just because she loves me. That is mummy talking not me( she stoped to kiss me, i told you mums can be weird sometimes-she does that a lot kissing us that is not the weird part).

So did i need to tell you anything else before starting with my list ?

Oh ! I remenber know, it is about Lucas my  younger brother (thank God it is the only one...)  Mummy is making that face i will speak to you when this is finish again, what did i do now ?

My list isn`t very long, i realy one have three , i hope that isn`t too much?!...

They are :

. i would love to have a pupy .

.give Lucas whatever he wishes (mummy says put here within reason- don`t ask me why ).

. And this one is for daddy and mummy, can you make them a couple again, i like it when we all lived together, now mummy lives on her own in England and we live here.

That is all i realy want but if you have to put any wish aside in favour of others can i have the last one please ?

      Thank you,

                        I know mummy doesn`t believe in you ( she is making the face again - oh boy i am in trouble), but i do.

                        Sinceraly , Micael Vieira dos Santos

P.S:  It is now Lucas turn , see you next year...

The End

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