Carla`s letter

Today i will start this letter i am writing to Santa by allowing myself to explain a few things , first i am not a child  (sorry for the deception), and i realy don`t belive in Santa.

Let me explain  my starting statement. The reason i am writing to you Dear Santa is because i have two sons. They absolutly adore the idea of a man who travels the world and brings happiness to all children, how could i look in their innocent eyes and say " Honey, there is no Santa ." I could not.

So hence the letter, and know i have started i need to place a list or a least a wish.

As i pick up my pen i remenber all that has past in the last few years leading to this one and all the wishing asked upon the bright lights above me in the sky, that girl that used to believe in the grater good must surely still leave inside me or i would not be writing a letter to adress a man dress in red !

So i think of all i used to ask for and i shake me head , no...

And then i know just what to ask for...


 Dear  Santa


 This is my request to you from me .

Can you please insure my sons wishes (their letter should be involded with mine), come true ?

     All the best, not so sure i believe in you but... Carla.


The End

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