Lloyd's first letter

Dear Santa,

I know I just saw you at the mall but I forgot to tell you I wanted a slap chop. I really enjoyed the sham wow I got last year and the slap chop looks so much more fun. My sister already has an easy bake oven I could grind up peanuts for cupcakes and stuff. But don't worry I won't take them to school because Zaheer is allergic to nuts. My friend Eliza doesn't eat meat but she eats fish. I don't like fish only fish sticks with tartar sauce.

I would really like a slap chop and I would be real safe with it and not bring it to school because it could get stolen. I think I was really good this year. I only got one note sent home this year cause I made a hole in the roof with the teachers pointer stick and that was an accident. I said I was sorry and I meant it, so I really think I should get a slap chop this year.

The End

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