Andrew's Second Letter

I decide to give you the oportunity to redeem yourself.

Yes big brother i am so kindly incline...No need to raise your eyebrows that way ! And no i have not put any cameras in the house, pleease ! What do you take me for an amateur ?

Being your younger brother gives me an inside to all this Santa business and let me say i did not get what i wanted last year !

So i allowed myself to give you one more chance to get it rigth.

Here are a few pointers:

. The swimming pool stays on the list , loose the sharks.

.Do you have any hot friends ? Nah , i have seen who you have dated for the last centuries and my taste go for woman of a higher hight and better choice of scheme colour( if i don`t see any more red and green i will die a happy man) .

.A vila in any sunny country .

.If you can spare any time can you pick up a nice car ? By nice i don`t mean a mini-van .

If i remenber any more ways of you making up to me for last years flop, i will write you again.

       See you at dinner, mum is making a mean roast dinner !

           Your   younger sibbling,  Andrew

The End

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