Andrew's first letter

Dear Santa,

My nemesis. Well done on escaping my lair of painful death last year in time for present delivering. I must say though, it made me laugh in a most evil mastermind way when i discovered you had to resort to ramraiding Woolworths in order to leave at least something under the trees: board games and jumpers. You fool.

Anyway, other than that one off bit of evil, I am sure you agree that I have been a very good boy this year. Well, okay, I did kill my smurf, but i'm sure you saw the tv footage, and he/she blatantly deserved it. Quite.

So. Here's my list:

  • A Swimming Pool that is hidden in the floor
  • 5-10 Bloodthirsty Sharks
  • Some of that stuff you just find too hard to resist.. what is it... oh yeah, Brandy
  • A camcorder
  • A new scarf
  • A chimney trap

And if you could deliver them before Xmas eve in the usual arrangement, forgetting the scarf, and then delivering that on your usual route... that would be most acceptable.

Hope you've had a good year recovering, big brother.

See you soon,

Andrew Claus

The End

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