Jack's fourth letter

Dear Santa,

Please ignore my last letter, and certain parts of my second letter. Don't get me wrong, I would still like a motorcycle. Green. With a jacket and helmet and all that safety stuff (mum told me that you need those things to ride a motorcycle or else the police pull you over on the side of the road so that other people can laugh at you and I wouldn't want people to laugh at me because i didn't have a helmet or jacket).

What I want to remove from my list is the laser. I feel that it would make my motorbike very not arodie aerodynamic, which means it wouldn't go as fast as it should. And nobody wants a motorbike that can't go fast.

Instead of the laser, I would like to have my T-Rex if you haven't found him a new home. I think he would be a better perswader pursuader diplomat than a laser, on account of how T-Rexes can talk and lasers can't.

I will understand if you have already promised my T-Rex that he can live with someone else, and would be happy to suggest a veloshul velocile raptor instead. According to the movies they can run fast so they can keep up with my motorbike, and they are much smaller than a T-Rex so I could keep him in my backyard with my dog.

I hope that you get this letter in time,


The End

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