Shawn's Letter

Dear Santa,

How are you? I am fine. My teachers are on fire strike. My mom says we need to stop throwing tree branches at the dog and throwing the dog. I keep saying I won't bug the dog but then he asks stupid wild.  But I don't think I'm on the naughty list.  I don't bug Hunter as much. I only poke him with my feet sometimes. My sister is the problem she always cries when Hunter chases me with knives. All I really want for christmas is an Ipad or a laptop. Mom says they are too expensive, so I thought I'd ask you. Your elves can make me an Ipad. Mom says you aren't rich either. But then I told her you didn't need money only magic. Mom said it would take a whole hell a lot of magic to make me an Ipad.  I don't know much about magic. If it's too much trouble I'd like an Ostraich egg or car seats for my time machine or maybe a lazer. I wouldn't use it to hurt anyone. I'd hope over it or maybe use it to chop my ostrich egg.

Love Shawn


The End

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