Amiee's First Letter

Dear Santa,

I am writing one more letter.  I am hoping you will do better than last year.  Last year I asked for a pony and you sent me instead a little brother.  Well, I want to tell you that stinks and so does my baby brother.  All the time.  He gets carried around all the time by Mom and Dad and when I want to play I have to be quiet because the stupid sleepyhead has to take his nap.  He spits up his food and slobbers all over my toys.  I bet you that a pony wouldn't do that.

So, Santa, let's get it right this year.  I already have a baby brother,  this year I want a pony.  Mommy's getting fat again, so she better be delivering a pony or I am going to hold my breath until I pass out.

Hoping for better,


p.s. If you have someone who is asking for a baby brother, you can give him mine.  He smells but he looks pretty good.



The End

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