Liza's Second Letter

To: Santa N. Klaus

From: Liza Svensen

Concerning: Chrismas

Dear Mr. Klaus, my Mum says I shood fix up my last letter becus there are things I forgot in it. Not forgot like I forgot after I put them in what was in it becus I remember the lizard dont think I dont and that I will forget before Chrismas and not feel bad becus I will. No. I forgot to right that last year you gave me a big candycane wich was nice for a wile but then we found out I am allergict to red dye no. 4 and I went to the hospital and they stuck bad not very chrismassy things in me that was mean.

So this year I dont want a candycane Mum says.

Happy Chrismas!

Liza Svensen

The End

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