Marcus' letter

Dear Santa,

My name is Marcus, and I don't know if you know me, but I sure know who you are. I'm a big fan.

I haven't written any letters to you for the last six years, because my mommy and daddy are profes profs important teachers at a big school, and so they said I had to learn how to write all on my own. (It's part of some eduk plan they have to make children smarter, and I'm their hamster. Or, that animal that looks like and acts just like a hamster.) But anyways, they wouldn't let me tell them what to tell you, but I just learned how to read and write this year, because I'm six and a half years old, and I'm finally in Grade One now!

So for my first letter, I don't want to ask you for too much. But I do have a lot of lost time to catch up on. All I want for the last few years and this year as well is chocolate chip cookies. Enough chocolate chip cookies to weight the same amount as me on the kitchen ska scale would be nice. Can I have them in pounds please, not kg, whatever those are, because Gregory at school told me there are more pounds in a kg?

I hope this isn't too hard for you to do. If you're too busy, you can ask Mrs. Clause for me, to make the cookies, because that's something girls do anyways, and you're probably too busy making everyone else's toys. Right?

Don't forget! Chocolate cookies without alm those long brown nuts in them! Mommy says I'm allergic to funny nuts!

Thank you,


The End

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