Jodi's second letter

Dear Mr. Santa,

Mommy says it is rude to cumplane complain, but I think you shud no should know that when you sent me my princess bear she broke Charles! He got all fat and squishy and he just sits in front of my dolly's teev TV all day! He is all dirty and he smells like daddy when he gets angry and drinks grownup juice.

Tinkerbell is sad, too. That is what I called the princess bear, because Tinkerbell is cute and so is she. But not any more! She looks like mommy when she goes to a party, but even worse! She had red all over her cheeks and her lips and blue on her eyes. And Charles made her get more stuffing inside and now she looks like mommy's friend when she had to feed her baby.

I just want my old Charles back please, Mr. Santa.

Or a pony! That would make evreething everything all better, and I cud could just give Charles and Tinkerbell away!

Your friend,

The End

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