Jodi's letter

Dear Mr Santa,

Thank you for the teddy-bear last Christmas. He is very fuzzy and I have named him Charles. Mommy says Charles is a prince but I don't belive her bkuz because he doesn't have a crown and all princes have crowns.

This year I would like another teddy-bear, but a girl one. Charles is lonely when I'm at school and I don't want him to be lonely when I'm at school anymore.

And if she is a princess make sure she has a teeara tiara because all princess have tiaras. And maybe a crown for Charles so he can be a real prince because princesses' daddies don't let them have friends who aren't princes.

Please pet the reindeer for me, especially Rudolph because he is a Miss Fit misfit and people never pet misfits. I learned that from your movie. It was very good and I liked it lots.

Thank you Mr Santa,


The End

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