Liza's letter.

To: Santa N. Klaus

From: Liza Svensen

Concerning: Chrismas

Hello, Mr. Klaus. My name is Liza and I am in the forth grade at west view elementery, Mrs Finnigen's class. I am VERY smart for my age says Mrs Finnigen and so I should get lots of stuff for Chrismas and cus I am SO smart you should give me stuff. I can prove it to cus I no my time tables up to two allready now. So there.

For Chrismas I want a little lizard of my very own like the one I saw in the pet shop with the spinies and the pink toung and its eyes that went in bunches of ways at the same time. I shall name him Klaus after you if you give him to me. Did you see I speled it Klaus? That is cus I new they were wrong speling it with a c. I TOLD you I was smart. Your welcome.

Also I want a litle hat for the lizard. With a specal band to keep it on his head and so he wont poke it throgh with his spinies.

Thank you for your co-operashun, Mr. Klaus!
Liza Svensen

The End

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