Dear Father Crissmus my name is briony and i am for and i am a gud riter arnt i my mummy say so. and the playgroop ladys to.

sum peepul calls you santa claws why is that i call you father crissmus. witch one do you prefur? I hope rudolf is well.   i am well thank you.

any way i wood like to have a princess barby if you got sum left my frend kylie wants one to, but if you only got one left you cood giv it to her an we can share it an i will have an intendo wee insted coz kylie allreddy got one of them. my mummy can do keeping fit on it so she dont go to the jim any more and stays at home insted so that will be her prezant to.  But it will be mine manely. 

i hope my mummy menembers to post this coz she forgotted to post it last year an i only got a baby annabell witch i don't like coz it falls off my bed and cries an wakes me up sumtimes.

love from briony smith, 20 tinwood road london

oh i neely forget to say we dont have a chimley so you will have to come in the back door insted i hope you dont mind.



The End

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