Terrence's letter.

Dear Santa :

 I am really not a baby, aldough i am quiet young. I dont request alot of stuff but there is one thing if possible?

I would like you to bring us all a new baby ? Mummy was saying the other day that since terry (that is me), had started kindergarden she was home alone and it is a big house !

So Santa i dont know where you get them ,but could you get one ( doesnt matter if it is a boy or girl), and if you dont mind i can put my piggy bank into to paying for it? It isnt much (this year the anties were a bit stinchy), but i wnat to help, mummy is always so good .

So that is my christmas wish and if it is not so much to ask can you get my sister the dog ( i accidently read her letter, dont tell her, please...), please??

 Thank you so much,

      always beliving in you , Terrence...

The End

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