Mindy's second letter.

Dear Mr. Santa Claus,

I hope things are still good at the North Pole since my last leter to you.  Mommy and Daddy just told me that we are getting a new home for Christmas in a condo-sum-thing.  They used lots of big words about down and size and e-commonly.  They said there is no room in the new house for a puppy, so if I could please change my wish I would like a raindeer instead.

I think you have lots of those at your home and they seem very nice.  Since raindeer fly it would not take up too much room at the new house.  The raindeer could also take me to school so that Mommy does not have to drive the car.

If you can’t change the puppy please still bring it with toys.  I will let it live in my closet where it will be out of the way.  I’m shur Mommy and Daddy will love it when they see him.

Thank you lots and lots and I will leave an extra carrott for the raindeer or puppy.


The End

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