Cat's Memories

March 2012

She sits there alone in her room, peering at her reflection every once in a while from the mirror across from her. Today was an average day, except it didn’t feel that way. 

She glanced at her reflection again. She wasn’t looking out of vanity but out of a little assurance. She was unconsciously trying to find out who she was and what she needs to get out of this depressed state. She couldn’t figure out why she was in that state in the first place. 

She was a normal teenage girl. Except for her height which was a little too under for her age, she was average. She had wavy black hair that hinted some hues of brown because of the sunlight streaming from her window. It cascades past her shoulders in a neat way, since she always likes to fiddle with it. Her eyes were brown like chocolate and filled with hopelessness. Her face was clear, not really a common thing amongst the people her age. Her skin was pale except for the dark circles under her eyes. She pursed her full lips as she looked up at the mirror again. 

She couldn’t understand why she felt like this. She was in love with a boy who loved her back equally, A happy family, the most trustworthy bestfriends in the world, yet she fills miserable. She can’t understand what could possibly fill this void. 

Her eyebrows knit together as she looked at herself for the last time today, she was determined to let all of the feelings of sadness go. She lied down on her bed and closed her eyes because she doesn’t want to feel melancholy.

April 2012

She looks up at the ceiling, lying down on her bed. Her cheeks were aching because of all of the smiling she has been doing. It hurt but she didn’t care, she was absolutely happy. A giggle erupted from her mouth as she recalls what just happened.

He asked her out.

She felt her cheeks get warm while he asked her out so she glanced at her mirror; she was as red as a tomato. It will be their first real date. They’ll be watching a movie she loves very much. It took all of her will power not to scream, even though she really wanted to. If she did, then everyone at home would race to her bedroom and ask what’s happening. She doesn’t want that. 

Later that night...

Her heart is thumping wildly in her chest and she takes deep breaths to slow down her heart rate. It was evident that she was really nervous for tomorrow, the day of her first date.

Last night, thoughts were running around in her head so much that she hadn’t fallen asleep at the right time. It felt like her Insomnia came back. She didn’t want that. She didn’t want the past to come back up. 

She peers at her reflection, just as she always does. Her face was pale, and her lips was dry. She was definitely too nervous. 

It wasn’t like they’ve never communicated in person before. They have, and they were really comfortable with each other, except a lot has happened in the last few days and every thing they do are usually non couple-y stuff.

Everything will go according to plan, she chants to herself. Until she falls asleep.

The Next day..

It's my fault. It's my fault. I was so stupid. She thinks.
No it's not, not only yours anyway. He didn't think this through as well. 
Her subconscious argues with her.

She was crying quietly, lying on the floor, trying to maintain the silence in their home. She didn't want anyone to know she was crying, for they will know what really happened. She got stood up. 

The End

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