1} Landing Site

My eyes grew hazy, and my head was floating forward and backwards, turning at some points and sometimes just stopping. The pod had opened for me, letting me fall out like a ragdoll. I could feel a lot of aches in my body, and it just seemed that it didn't want to support me anymore. I should have known that not all scientists were correct about everything, but since we're here, I guess I shouldn't just lie around. As I slowly recovered, still shivering and wobbling, I looked around the metallic insides of our ship, just in case if I wasn't the only one having this reaction. The other people around me were groaning and complaining, even some got their cushions from the pods and just fell on them, sleeping like a baby in its naptime. It made me want to giggle since I noticed a few tough-looking guys do the same.

As I joined an rather, unsociable group who chose to go venture outside, I expected my breath to draw out. Covering my nose and mouth, the tall, glass door that a big, muscular tanned man slid open hung to the side. Most of the men and women were calm, but some seemed in a panic, looking here and there around the fresh ecosystem. Since no one was turning pale at the time, I decided that it'd be safe to breathe. Releasing my air vents, I took a deep breath of a rather musky, unfamiliar scent of the new planet. From taking in the environment around us, we must have landed in a small opening in a forest-like area, seeing the abundance of fuzzy-looking  trees and bushes, having a rather orange tint to it instead.

"Wow, I never knew Breach had an atmosphere!" I said excitedly to myself, standing on my toes as I peered into the open. 
"Of course it does. What are you, stupid?" A woman behind me sneered, pushing me to the side with her sleeved shoulder. She appeared to be older than me, but she didn't look like an old granny.
I gave her a dirty look for her rudeness, but in response she smirked at me. What kind of proud hog is she!? She could have said sorry!
"Oh, don't look at me like that, sweetie. Your face will grow ugly if you continue doing so!" She taunted in my ear, laughing. Avoiding a fight, I ignored her and looked away. Thank god she was considerate enough not to make a big scene instead. She needs to learn a thing or two.


(more coming soon.)

The End

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