Dear My Love

This is completely fictional btw, I hope that people like this, I am planning to possible do more (ie this is sort of an epilogue or flash of the future and in the next chapters it will go through his life) this was inspired by the poem dulce decorum est and a book which I can't remember what it was called and also on the idea that people used to send secret letters to their loves.

Dear My Love,

This will be my last letter I am to fear.

We are to fight in a battle we cannot possibly win and should some of us survive, I fear I will no longer be the man you once married. For we are to travel to the River Somme and it is destined to flow red. As a friend of mine once said, we are lions led by donkeys.

Still my mind continues to drift to that fateful night when our eyes first met. I should not like to see your eyes right now, yet in a way I would.

Do you remember the lake by the windmill, we stood on that small pier, I a farm boy and you the little rich girl. You came to me then and we held hands as the fireflies danced over our heads an the sun set in fires of orange and red. Slowly the wind whisked through your chestnut hair and buffeted the fragile waters, the willow trees humming a song in our names.

Emma and Edmund they said. "Emma, what a beautiful name" I said and we had our first kiss as the pale silver face of the moon beamed on your radiant face.

My God I can see your face now, it is painful and invokes in me a great yearning felt by no mortal man.

I miss you my Emma and I wish I were there to say goodbye to my beautiful baby boy. I never got to see him you know, but he will know me I hope, he will not resent me for not being there. Please, let him think only good of me, I fight for King and Country, yet I fight only for you, for your future.

But the War must go on, may the Lord Bless you and keep you from harm my beautiful wife.

I am afraid I cannot write anymore, my hand shakes to much. It is my soul, I feel it released from my body, quivering to be beside you in this my final hours.

Goodbye my Wife and God Bless.

From Edmund

Edmund never survived the first day of the  Battle of the Somme, nor did 60,000 others and a further 420,000 other British soldiers after that. But Emma was left to battle on.

The End

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