Something PrettyMature

"Oh, yes," Gunther said, taking a deep drink before setting the Crown Royal on the desk again before rubbing his palms together.  "I need a quick smoke to pep me up, but go put on something pretty and meet me in the bedroom."

He wrapped his arms around her in a hug, something below his belt buckle digging into her through her skirt, and pinched her ass with a smile.  

"Getting a little chubby there," he commented, patting it again as he thrust up against her.  His weight knocked her backward and into the wall behind them, but he continued to move all over her on the wall.  Although tears pinched her eyes like his thumb and forefinger on her rear end, she just shut them tight and waited.  She wasn't even close to being finished; she knew it all too well.  Just wait, she thought, but was too afraid to think of what she was waiting for.  

The End

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