Your 100% Is Not Good Enough.

Before I delve into staying away from the desire for perfection too deeply, I want to clarify something:

Using the excuse of avoiding obsession does not justify not trying.

God wants you to give your all 24/7. But there are two mistakes that can be made concerning this:

You can either give less than that,

Or you can beat yourself up because your hardest "isn't good enough."

The truth is, your hardest isn't good enough, wasn't good enough, will never be good enough. We're human. We make mistakes. We're mortal. Our 100% will never be good enough to deserve what God has done for us.

But there's good news! God knew that. He created us with that knowledge.

And than He died on a cross so that we could be loved and cherished anyway.

He doesn't want you to beat yourself up because you feel inadequate! He doesn't want you to feel worthless! He wants you to take pride in your accomplishments and accept that He worked through you to gain them!

By punishing yourself, you're defeating the purpose of His sacrifice! He died so you wouldn't have to!

You exist, Dear. He doesn't waste His time on worthless creations. He doesn't create junk. You are a beautiful, incredible creation blessed by your Creator.

The End

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