Pleasure in Perfection

     I remember wishing with all my existence that I could be perfect - that I could always get A's, always look my best, never get in trouble, never say the wrong thing.

     A scolding from Mom or Dad sank much deeper into my being than simply "don't do that again." So many thought processes accompanied the acknowledgement of a mistake I had made.

     Not that Mom and Dad were wrong to scold me! It's their job! How else would I learn right from wrong? My point is, I took every scolding the wrong way. So listen to me:

Getting a B on an assignment does not make you stupid.

A word from authority that you should reconsider a previous action you made does not translate to "You are a horrible person."

When Mom says you should wear a different shirt, she doesn't mean you look ugly in the one you are currently wearing.

     All you can ever do is try is try your best... Sometimes, that's not going to be good enough. 

     Never let that bother you. Ever. If someone doesn't appreciate what you worked so hard for, it's their loss.

     Someday, you will fulfill a purpose greater than any of your supposed "failures."


The End

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