Dear Mariah

Dear Mariah,

     I am writing because I miss you tremendously. I was waiting in line at the grocery store yesterday and the little girl in front of me reminded me of you.

     It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that you are starting middle school as I start college. It's a beginning for both of us, really!

     Anyway, there's so much I wish I could teach you in person. I wish I could spend the next six years of my life right beside you, guiding you along a path with more innocence than mine.

     As my sister, you probably think you know more about me than anybody, and to some degree, you do. No one will ever fully understand me the way you can.

     But I've always felt that the unpleasant part of my life should be kept from you... like I would be destroying a part of you by sharing, but here's the reality:

     I can't keep you from making the same mistakes I did if I don't tell you what I did wrong.

     So brace yourself. This might just be the longest letter you will ever receive.


The End

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