An Hour Later

Mandy calmly took off her apron, folded it, and stuffed it into her purse. Luckily, Morgan had already left, so Mandy didn't have to hear her ramble on about how lucky she was to have a date with a cute soldier.

Not that it was a date.

Mandy kept repeating that mantra to herself on the way out the door. She yelled and waved goodbye to Sal on her way out, earning a grunt in return. Sal hardly ever spoke.

She saw him leaning against the wall just outside of the diner. She smiled and stepped up next to him.

"You ready to go?" she asked.

He shook his head, slight tears in his eyes. Mandy looked confused, until he snapped out of his daydream.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Yes, I'm ready to go wherever you take me." he said.

Mandy nodded, still slightly confused, but led on.

They arrived on the pier in record time. She led him to the edge, slid off her shoes, and sat to dangle her feet in the water. He glanced down at his boots, obvious wanting to do the same buys deciding to leave his boots on. Instead he sat beside her, legs folded under him.

They talked for a while, watching the sun slowly set in the sky. He glanced at his watch and silently cursed himself. He'd lost track of time. The bus would be there in 30 minutes.

But he had one last mission before he left.

"Mandy, do you have a boyfriend? I'm sure you do, but…" he looked over at her. Her knees has slid up to under her chin. As she shook her head, her bow fell loose form her dirty blonde ponytail.

When he didn't continue speaking, Mandy turned her jade green eyes to meet his sapphire ones.

"Yes?"she prodded.

"You see, I don't really have anyone to send a letter home to. I hear that sending letters home helps with the stress and all, so I was wondering if, well, maybe, could I send one to you?" he pleaded with his eyes.

Mandy dropped her knees and slid closer to him.

"Yes." she replied simply.

He nodded and stood up. Mandy looked slightly disappointed, but she quickly shook it off and stood with him. Luckily, they got to talk a few minutes longer because Mandy's house was past where the bus stop was.

As Mandy waved goodbye, she knew that although they had only just met, she would miss him dearly.

The End

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