Dear Mandy: Letters from War

Scott was drafted into the Army to fight for his country. On his way, he met Mandy. Although they met only hours before his departure, they became fast friends. Now, Scott sends letters home to Mandy. Will Scott survive the war? Will Mandy?

He was all dressed up in his brand new Army uniform. He looked down at himself in slight disgust. Yes, he loved his country, but why must they force him to fight?

He thought back to only two days previous. He had spent yet another lonely birthday in his own apartment. As far as the Government knew, he lived with his uncle. But neither one of them got along, so his uncle had bought him his own apartment just a few months after his parents had died. He'd been just 14 at the time.

Since then, he had spent many birthdays there by himself. But two days ago, his birthday had been one that most boys dreamed of: his 18th. He was an official adult.

It would have been good news, he was finally free from his uncle, if only there hadn't been one little letter in the mail.

Funny how just one page could change your life.

As he stood there now, he checked his watch and realized that he still had several hours until the bus was supposed to pick him up. He looked around, suddenly desperate to do something beside stand around. Across the street, he saw a small diner. Shrugging, he picked up his duffle bag and headed towards the door.


Mandy huffed and pushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear. Her ponytail was falling out once again. She pushed open the door and set the tray she was carrying on the counter.

"Hey, Sal, I'm going to the bathroom. Be right back."

The cook grunted and Mandy rolled her eyes. As she passed Morgan, she told her cover her tables until she got back.

After washing her hands, Mandy pulled out her brush and fixed her ponytail. If there was one thing she hated the most, it was a loose ponytail. After securing it tight, she clipped in her bow. Just recently, she had been going through a phase where she always wore a bow in her hair. Her father told her it made her look childish, but she didn't care; she loved the feel of it.

Once satisfied with her look, she took a deep breath and stepped back into the fray. Nodding thanks at Morgan, she quickly made her rounds to the tables, asking for more water here, more bread there, and wiping down tables once they were clear.

From the corner of her eye, she saw a man in uniform sit a the table she had just cleaned. Throwing her rag at Morgan to take to the kitchen, she pulled out her notebook and plastered on her smile.

"Welcome to Sal's Diner! My name is Mandy. How can I help you?"

Upon closer inspection, Mandy realized that he was quite young; she'd wager about two years older than her own 16 years.

He looked into her eyes for a few seconds and nodded.

"Yes, I'll have a coffee, with cream and sugar please, and the, um, French toast meal."

Mandy nodded. "Good choice. That's my favorite. How would you like your eggs?"

He met her glance once more. He had the most beautiful blue eyes she'd ever seen…

Mandy snapped herself back to reality. Your just his waitress, Mandy. she scolded herself.

"How do you like them?" he asked.

At first, she was slightly confused as to what he meant. Was he asking about eyes? What a curious question to ask a waitress…then she remembered. Eggs.

She leaned down slightly. "Just between you and me, I'm not a big fan of eggs." she whispered. "But when I do have them, I like them over easy."

He smiled shyly. "That sounds good."

Mandy smiled and stood up straight. "Eggs over easy it is, then. Back in a jiffy!"

As she stepped through the kitchen door, her arm was grabbed and she was yanked aside by Morgan.

"Is he cute?" she asked.

Mandy rolled her eyes. All Morgan cared about was boys.

Morgan smiled. "Aha, he is!"

"I never said that!" Mandy protested.

"Ah, but you didn't have to." Morgan replied. "Your look and the way you were flirting with him tells all."

Mandy shot Morgan a shocked and slightly offended look. "I was not flirting with him."

It was Morgan's turn to roll her eyes. "Oh, come on Mandy."

Mandy sighed. "Fine. His hair is jet black, obviously newly cut." Mandy shot Morgan a disgusted look. "A buzz cut."

Morgan visibly shook, but gave Mandy an encouraging look. "And?"

"Well," Mandy continued, "his skin is only slightly tan and surprisingly clear. And his eyes…" Mandy had a dreamy look.

Morgan prodded her. "His eyes what?"

"His eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue I have ever seen…"

Morgan nodded, clearly satisfied.

The girls heard a grunt from behind them. They quickly shot back into action.

Mandy carefully poured a cup of coffee and placed it on a plate, along with cream, sugar, and a small piece of chocolate.

Taking a deep breath, she once again stepped out into the crowd. She scanned the room and caught the young soldier's eyes. Smiling encouragingly at him, she stepped towards his table. Once she arrived, she placed the coffee on his table.

"Your French toast should be out soon. Anything else I can do for you?" she asked, just being polite.

She wasn't expecting what came next.

He looked up at her sheepishly. "Actually, this is really embarrassing, but would you mind just sitting down and talking to me for a while? I'm feeling a little low."

Mandy was slightly surprised, yet she found herself slowly nodding. She looked down at her watch, then caught his beautiful blue eyes again.

She nodded. "I'm off in an hour and I know where we can go."

The End

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