I'm standing right in front of Julia's door. 

I take a deep breath, I did promise her I would be coming 'round. And it was almost her birthday and I wanted to surprise her.

I talk to her mother, she knew of course, that I would be coming to spend the week with them. 

As I leave her house I leave the letter I made for Julia on her doorstep.


Happy Birthday! I hope you're feeling ok. I promise you, I'll be giving you your gift very soon :D I hope you like it, it's a surprise...

Come to the gym of your school on friday to get it, I asked my friend to bring it there.

Loving you,


I seal it with my love and, as I am about to walk home to my apartment, I catch a glimpse of Julia, she is being dropped off by her friends and I catch the eye of one of them, he looks at me with a glare and turns back to her. What was his name again?

I run to the trees surrounding her home and watch from there. He walks her towards her front door and I can't help but watch as he plants a kiss on her cheek, she blushes on goes inside.

It was the biggest surprise I've ever seen.

Is Julia cheating on me?

The End

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