Winter Breeze

Luis' letter for me made me reminisce those moments we had in Minnesota. Tears fell off from my eyes as I felt a strong emotion. I needed Luis. He was my everything.

Dear Luis,

The cool breeze of winter starts to chill my bones! I wished you were here beside me. Remember when we used to go camping every December? I really missed those times when every time it gets cold, you would make a campfire for me and wrap your big arms around me through out the night.

Luis, I'll confess something to you. That night before I left for Phoenix, when I went to your house to have a little farewell party with just the two of us, I took your favorite shirt. Until now, whenever I feel alone and whenever I miss you, I would wear that shirt and I could still smell the sweet fragrance of your perfume.

Can you also still remember my favorite song you usually sing for me with your guitar and when I would tease you because of your singing voice which I described as ugly? Actually, it was the sweetest voice I ever heard. My pride won't just let me say that to you. I hope you can sing again for me.

By the way, I received your gift and I really loved it. I'm actually wearing it now and I'm going to show this off to my friends!

I'll have your gift sent too, wrapped in a special way only the two of us know how to. You'll love it, I assure you.

I love you and Merry Christmas!


Julia Montez

I know he has a good taste in fashion and the shirt I gave him will fit his taste. He'll surely love it.

The End

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