Trash :D

"Luis, would you mind throwing out the trash?" says Mother.

"In a minute." I answer. I turn back to my work, my latest letter to Julia. I read it over, to make sure it's good enough.

Dear Julia,

It's almost Christmas and I can really feel the cold weather here. Don't you just remember when you'd come over to my house and have some eggnog with my family? Or the time when we took a stroll into the woods behind my house and shared our first kiss? I miss those times. Maybe I could come there to Phoenix and meet your new friends. Would you like that?  I would. Anyways, I'm sending you my present attached to this letter.

Merry Christmas Julia.



 I put my letter in an envelope and seal it. I also add my present, the bracelet she had been eyeing in the mall the week she left, in the box I plan to send to her. I hope she likes it.

With the box in hand, I march downstairs and take out the trash. After, I head to the post office thinking of Julia and how warm it must be in Phoenix compared to Minnesotta right now. 

The End

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