Reading the letter from Luis, makes my heart drop. Why did I even agree to this? 

School was probably one of the good things that happened today. I felt lucky. Because on the moment, I came in the school. People, started to be friendly around me. Specially, Randy! When he first saw me in English, he sat beside me and kept talking to me. He was one of the friendliest guys I met.

I don't know why, but guys seem to be more comfortable with me in school! I mean, I only have ONE girl friend. And she's Bella! We share lots of stuff in common! AND we both LOVE letter writing! I thought that maybe, living in Phoenix was not a bad idea after all! The letters from Luis started to pile up, I didn't get to read them because Randy ALWAYS kept me busy.  But, now I had the time to read them.

Luis' letters were mostly about, how I'm doin'?, how come I'm not writing back to him, and stuff like that. I just realized that it's kind of annoying. I don't know why I suddenly felt that!

Dear Luis,
Hey, So... I'm sorry if I don't get to write to you everyday like I promised, but I've been a bit busy with my friends here. There's this guy named Randy, you know, I'd want you to meet him one day! He's a nice guy, he was by far the friendliest person  I met there!  And, if you're still mad 'cause I don't get to write to you everyday. Blame him! :) Hey! If you're thinking that we might be together, NO we're not! We're just good friends! Don't get jealous, okay?! He's just a friend! Don't worry, I have told him all about you! And if you ever visit here, I'd want you to meet my one and only girl friend, Bella! You'd like her. She's nice too. Well, I gotta go. I love you! <3
Love,  Julia Montez 

The End

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