Dear Luis

a 16 year old girl, who lives in Minesotta suddenly left to go and live in Phoenix.

Dear Luis,
         I arrived at 5:30 in Phoenix yesterday. I`m so sorry, I wasn`t able to write to you yesterday! It was because we were all busy in unpacking our stuff, and fixing the house and such. We were all very tired! In a few moments, I’ll be on my way to school! It sucks here. Oh why did I have to transfer here? I wish I was back in Minnesota with you! I wonder, what are you doing today? Say Hi to your parents for me. Please don’t forget to write to me every single day! Please! You know I still love you! I would never forget you! I love you! Oh, and I MISS YOU! I feel so incomplete without you here.

                                                                         Love, Julia Montez



The End

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