Dear Juliet - blurbMature

This is just the blurb to the start of my WW2 romance story :) It's based on Romeo and Juliet, the idea of forbidden love. Set in Germany

Love is the only war worth fighting in but results in the most casualties.

11 million dead.

A powerful empire fallen.

50 years of picking up the pieces.

It's only natural that Aleif and Hepzibah were doomed at first glance.

Ever wondered what last thoughts would be pumping through your mind as you take your final breaths? Maybe you wouldn't expect to die in the way that most do;  simply having your life drained out of you by old age. Would you be able to choose if you could die the worst way possible? Wrapped in loving flames, the screams of others becoming your deadly lost lullaby, your insides blistered by the fierce heat and the heart of the fire your grave. Maybe you'll simply waste away. Taken over by the hunger that becomes you and you'll spend your remaining days ripping the world apart in search of a poison to satisfy your obsessive taste. Torture doesn't seem too bad. Just being cut deep into your skin, allowing the last pieces of you to be murdered with the yelps on tip of your tongue. Bound in bandages, no way of escaping, ever. Trapped.

If you ask me, the most painful way to die is to watch a loved one pass away.

For that kills you completely.

The End

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