Dear Friend

My Dear Friend,

In the heat of the moment, I said some very offensive things to you, about you, and in front of you, and I am truly sorry. If I could take back that moment of anger I would stop and think about what my point was before explaining it. I should not have said what I said, in the way I said it. 

I did not mean that I wanted to work with another person in our group. I simply meant to say that it is of no one's choice but their own who they work with. Looking back now, a better way to have said this would have been to say "perhaps she does not want to work with me" rather than "what if I don't want to work with her". 

Of course now the moment has passed and I am only left with regret for saying the things I said, and remorse for how much I hurt you. To look at you after what I said, all I could think was how apologetic I was, yet I could not muster the courage to apologise for what I said, before you packed your things and left. So now I sit, texting my apologies and writing this letter, in the hopes that once your anger passes, you can forgive me. 

You are a great friend, and you are a good partner to work with. You are there when others need you, and you do your best to solve the problems you face with strength and courage, taking on all that challenges you. Despite all the stress, you manage to come to school with a smile on your face, ready to take on the day. You have a strong sense of who you are and I both admire and envy the qualities you have. 

That is no excuse for what I said... simply an attempt at showing you that I truly care for you and your situations, and honestly wish I could do more to prove that you're more than just a girl I met in college. More than a work partner. More than a friend I recently made. I want you to know you're more than just an acquaintance, to me you're a close friend whom I want to know for a long time, if not forever. 

And so again, I apologise with all my heart for the hurtful things I said, and hope you forgive me for the pain I caused you...


The End

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