Dear Grandmamma

Keris' dark tale... ?


"We are the masters of resurrection." Her lips curled at the ends as she hissed the words. Mrs Rose seemed taken aback, but Zennik merely grinned. 
"Keris, your sinful ways must stop! You've been such an angel during your time here, and I regretfully state that you've become something... evil!"
It was like she had just poured fuel onto Keris' inner fire when she spoke. She stared back at the old social worker with malice and insanity in her eyes, "No Agatha, you couldn't be more wrong." 
If it were possible, Keris' manic grin grew wider, taking up most of her attractive face, "I have always been something evil. My heart and soul are as black as hell's deepest fissure, and I have played you from the beginning.  This institution is a mockery of my religion and so I have brought Sephen here. He will be its downfall... 'Saint' Imhoket's will fall"

Chapter One

Dear Grandmamma,
I miss you so much. Its been so long and yet I can still picture your smile so clearly. You are always in my dreams and I can't wait until we are re-united in the afterlife. 

Keminessa was killed. She was a sacrifice before my very eyes at a pathetic 'religious' institution in Egypt. Its  in the desert, and they're calling it Saint Imhoket's. A correctional facility for 'troubled teens'. It sickens me. Kaien has been searching the stars and found someone who can help bring down the institution. Lucky for us he's already in there, so I just need to get in and find him... Won't be much of a problem, because Kaien also knows where it is.... 


It was so freakin hot in that car. You'd think they'd have the sense to NOT board up the windows of a 4x4 for driving through the bloody desert! I guess his was part of my 'correction'. I doubt some strict social workers, nuns priests and religion could fix me... 
My name is Sephen. I don't have a last name. Its not my real name either, i don't know what my REAL name is. I've lived in a foster home all my life - or at least the bits I can remember.  The staff there found me wandering the streets -naked- when i was about 5 years old in tears and a tad singed. I didn't know who or where my family was, no one else in the village knew me, and police reckon my family were killed in a fire, and I was lucky to escape. It happened again last week. I woke up and my room was in flames, so I got the hell out of there. Two other kids had gotten out and one of the staff. Everyone else died in the fire that had spread most of the way through the house before I managed to get out. The four of us stayed in a hotel while the firemen and police sorted everything out... Turns out the fire was started in my room. JOY! So these Saint Imhoket people come along and suddenly i'm an alcoholic, drug addicted arsonist. Isn't life grand?

When the truck finally stopped, my door flew open and someone (or perhaps something by the sheer strength of it) pulled me out, and dragged me indoors. Instantly i felt weakened and restrained. Like there were two huge hands coming from above, one pushing me to the ground and the other squeezing my head like a grape. It felt as if my body was just gonna pop under the pressure..

The End

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