Dear God...

I'm writing this rant after listening to these people talk about god.

I was walking home from work one day. I believe it was a Friday. Because I was stopped by two Mormons and I didn't brush them off. I had all the time it the world. They were these two teen boys in overly large suits. Dressed up the way teenagers think adults dress . They started by asking my religion. I'm Buddhist. I said I didn't like the rules imposed by the bible but what I meant was, that I didn't like the closeminded attitude people have adapted. This young fellow started talking over me, I patiently listen to him jabber on about why we needed rules...anarchy blah blah blah....He concluded by asking for my the church could contact I was not robbing the cradle. I said no but accepted a brightly coloured pamphelet. I used it for a book mark for awhile.

And now not even five minutes ago these college hipsters are having this dry as toast conversation about religion. Then they start going on and on about how people who don't believe in god are going to hell.  I believe in god but I don't believe in using god as carte blanche to discriminate against other religions or races. Isn't god suppose to love all his children? Aren't we suppose to love thy neighbour?

I also think the bible could use some updating:

Though shall not judge, even if thy neighbour is a homosexual.

The bible reflects the time it was written, when people were less tolerant and women more pliable.

The End

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