Dear Glenn Beck,


Dear Glenn Beck,

You once said, "Barack Obama has a deep rooted hatred for white culture".  Barack Obama told me too, that he hates white culture.  Did you read his blog? Oh, you must have.  He wrote all about his garden of hate for my culture, and Joe Biden's.  Of course, you know that a white Floridian's culture is the mirror image of any White Alaskan.  A white Alaskan can walk out to their frozen lake and enjoy fishing for an evening when simultaneously, in Florida, a white man can ride out to Miami and hop on his frozen lake and be obligated to fish on his white culture frozen lake for any amount of Talapia he so chooses.  Also, let's not forget about Barack Obama's hatred for the Southern white culture.  He told me all about how he hates sweat tea, and all those southern white men that grow their crops and come home to their families to drink home made sweet tea.  Oh, boy does Barack Obama have a deep rooted hatred for that white culture.  I don't mean to say that the white culture has a universal definition, but Barack Obama hates it... or them... what ever white culture is.


Wade Sonny Miller

The End

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