Dear Edie

Dear Edie,


Your letter did reach me in time, though I had suspected Nora would want to relocate to the countryside anyway. I know your mother better than you give me credit for. I knew you would be angry, and believe me, I wanted nothing more than to stay with you, but I couldn’t sit idly by when I knew I could be helping my country. Please forgive me.


You must also forgive me for waiting this past week before responding. Spare time has been something of a rarity these last few weeks, and I have only just had the time to write this. We are stationed somewhere towards Paris, I believe, but you know me, I never was one for geography. I have heard rumour that they censor letters of any undesirable information, so you must forgive me if ever anything is marked out, lest bad news reach our shores. The tensions are high here already, especially from those that were already here.


There is one chap who manages to put a smile on any man’s face, though. One of our commanding officers, Captain Garside, is a funny young fellow, always cracking jokes as if he were in his local on a Friday evening. He seems terribly young to be a Captain, though. He doesn’t look a day over twenty. Perhaps that’s why he is so determined to boost our spirits with his joking around. And if it weren’t for Captain Garside’s age, I get the feeling your father, God rest his soul, would be at home here.


With all my love,



The End

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