Chelsea writes again

Dear Frances

I'm sorry its been so long. I'm ashamed to say I was a little jealous of your getting married and such. Then I remembered I don't even want to get married. Then I just got confused. I think I envy the freedom you have.

We went to a butterfly conservatory yesturday. I loved it.  There was something soothing about their petal soft wings cutting through the air.  I let on walk all the way up my arm right to my elbow then i started catching them and putting them in my hair. Alison was scared sh***** it was funny to watch her cower behind every shrub and swat at them. Alison is my roommate. she's crazy. She's a certifiable perfectionist and a cutter  with the eating disorder. She cut of my dreads while I was sleeping. I was pissed at first until I saw all the trouble she got in for having the sisscors in the first place. So now my hair looks crappy and short. Could you send me a wig or something.

Oh by the way I love the note pads you sent me. I drew and wrote and created like crazy. I hung them up and then Alison took them down and framed them and then hung them back up again. She dusts them everyday.

Love, Chelsea

PS I have enclosed a picture of Alison, isn't she really pretty?

The End

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