Frances I'm so pleased!

Frances! And Chrisy!

Oh I am so pleased for you! I always knew you were the perfect couple! Colin and I, we must admit, had small doubts at your wedding because you and Jemima were getting married so soon, and I am sorry about that, but wow! They do say that high school provides the best years of your life...

I spoke to Matthew, by the way, and he seems fine about the whole thing. I think his sister is setting him up with another girl next week actually! I do hope he doesn't become like me in high school!

Speaking of high school, are you two interested in any kind of reunion? I just thought lately, with us all coming back in touch, it'd be wonderful to see how everyone else was! I think I still have people's addresses, and Colin's found the most wonderful hotel that we could rent for a meal and maybe a little party afterwards!

Hopefully see you two very soon! Teresa

P.S. For her creative writing piece Holly wrote about being a bridesmaid and got the highest mark in her class- thank you Frances!

The End

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