Chrisy, I still feel...


Thank you for letting me come to you with such short notice, and for not saying, "I told you so," when I explained. I will never go back. She can have my child, she can name it whatever she wants. I don't care.

Chrisy, I'm leaving this on your night table because I'm not bold enough to say it aloud. You know I've always been a little shy about confrontations. But I only went to New York in the first place because of you. I married Jemima so quickly because of you, everything I did...Chrisy, I love you, more than I love my own life, more than I love myself. You're the only person I've ever wanted, and I need you. You're my other half. You're more than that, you're my whole being. I've never gone a day without missing you. Everytime I was with Jemima I wished I was with you. I love you more than you could ever understand. And the first time, when I asked you to marry me, it wasn't just because of Chelsea. I only used that as an excuse to ask you.

Please, I know you may never feel the same way for me again, but I needed to say this. I needed you to know.


The End

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