Hello Again

Hello again Frances!

           So your wife is pregnant now is she? I intercepted another of your letters. A baby boy!! How cute, pick a nice name now.

            I got another of your letters to Chrisy, a fairly old one though, it's dated September 9, 2007. A long time ago! Well, well, do you remember what you'd written? I'll write it here then.

"To Chrisy,

         I'm on the plane to America, and I can't stop thinking about you. I'm going to miss you, I truthfully don't want to go anymore. I want to be there, holding you in my arms. I wish you were here, telling me everything's going to be fine, everything's going to work out.

           I miss you, and it's only been 5 hours so far. I love you Chrisy, I always have and always will.

See you,


Ahh, how cute! I wonder what she'd do if she saw this today. What do you think would happen if I accidentaly sent this to her? Do you think she'd go crazy like your sister, because she's still in love with you? Do you think she'd throw it out because she hates you for leaving her?

Hmmm . . . maybe we'll see

You Know Who

The End

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