Chelsea's update

Dear Frances,

I've been writing a lot. Trying to get down my feelings. First cause my shrink said it was cathartic or something. I kind of felt foolish at first. But It really has helped. I write everywhere now, my clothes, my skin...I write about how it feels to feel so much intense things and deemed so limited.

My shrink says you can send longer letters and I can actually send out stuff, since I'm just crazy not dangerous anymore. Ask my shrink if i can have my paints now. There is an art program but their stuff sucks and it's all still life. I'm so tired of painting bowls of fruit. The only good thing about it is the availablity of fresh fruit to snack on.

Tell Ellen I'm sorry I snapped at her the last time but she was still wrong. I can go to college. I'm not stupid just unstable. Even that I could fix.

I hope I didn't scare off Jemina too much last time. My hair isn,t so scary now but Ellen still hates it. I have dreadlocks now. Ellen says they smell so I wave them in her face often. Haha! Sratch that I probably do look scary. A chick with dreadlocks and writing all up on her arms, yeah thats pretty f**** up.


P.s. I have enclosed a crappy pencil sketch of a typewriter eating waffles

The End

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