Jemima my love!

Hello Jemima,

After Frances told me about your big news, I thought you might need some help on being a mother for the first time. I know it is a bit overwhelming at first- poor Colin for the first half of my pregnancy!-so I've included a small handbook a friend gave me when I was pregnant with Holly. I hope you find it helpful, it has lots of advice for food in particular. I imagine you've already experienced some of the drawbacks-the first morning sickness is always the worst! I can safely say that Frances will prove a brilliant father. At high school he was always very light-hearted, but sensible too-that's just the right combination!

When do the doctors think you're due? I heard from Chrisy that you've chosen her to be the godmother- what a brilliant choice! She came along to see one of Holly's plays the other week before we went for a meal- I've never seen a more enthusiastic member of the audience who wasn't a parent!

Hope to hear from you and Frances soon- and have a happy pregnancy, Teresa

The End

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