Visiting Chelsea

Dear Chrisy,

Thank you for your hospitality and letting us come visit on such short notice. It was great to see you and Ellen again. Jemima especially enjoyed the visit, although she was a bit out of sorts because of her condition. We're on our way back to Shafford now, after stopping in London to see Chels. I expected a change, but she's so...I don't know, she seems weaker. More vulnerable. She was thin and pale, her hair was ragged because she apparently refused to let it be cut, her voice was softer. But at least she was talking. She seemed so happy to see us.

Jemima asks me to tell you that she hopes you are not distressed over her condition. She likes you, you know, and wants to be friends. When the baby is born, she wants you to fly down to New Jersey and come see it. So do I.

Yours always,


The End

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