Big News

Dear Uncle Dennis and Sylvia,

Thanks for calling us in Wilburn! It's strange to be back, knowing how much my life has changed. Ellen is fine. When Chrisy met us at the airport, Jemima had a headache and was really tired, and she kept acting dizzy, like the ground was spinning. I told Chrisy she was pregnant. She looked at me for a long time before she said congratulations. I told her she would definitely be the godmother, if that was alright with her.

Ellen has news too--she has a boyfriend! His name is Ant, short for Antonio--but he's really short, so I hear, hence is nickname. He's going to college in Germany. I haven't met him yet but he's coming over for dinner. Apparently Ellen really, really likes him. Let's hope he feels the same about her.

In a couple of days Jemima and I are also going to visit Chelsea in the institution. I'm almost afraid to see what she's like now. I hope that lullaby really did its wonders.



The End

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