February 29

Hey Frances,

         It's Chrisy. Ellen and I just came back from visiting Chelsea, and guess what? She was speaking! I really think your lullaby "woke her up".

         How's everything going in America? I hope all is well with you and bitc Jemima. Do you like your new home? Ellen told me that you're working at a food market now. Head manager, very nice. I hope it all works out for you.

          Ellen showed me the letter you had sent her, except it looked like she'd cut off the last little bit. I think she may be hiding something. Did something happen with you and Jemima? I don't know why she'd be acting so odd.

         Oh! I've been in touch again with Teresa Parks! We had lunch yesterday. She's still exactly the same, and she got me a date for tonight. Do you remember Matthew Tailor, in the sixth form? She still knows him, and him and I are going to a movie tonight. The new X-Men I think.


Hope your new house is suiting you!


The End

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