Chrisy you lucky girl!

Hey Chrisy,

  it's Teresa Parks! Sorry if this seems a bit out of the blue, but Frances said you lived with his sister now. And well, I had such a fun time at the wedding that I thought it would be fun to get back in touch. After all, you did catch the bouquet, you lucky girl! I've always wanted to catch one of those but I suppose you don't always need a bunch of flowers to get married.

 Are you in a relationship at the moment? I must say, I can't remember you being with anybody except Frances in high school. Then again, I suppose my method wasn't the best either! If I remember, Matthew Tailor had quite a soft spot for you in sixth form...didn't you too share a class together? Some sort of science, I think... We should have a high school reunion sometime soon, how long has it been?

Yours, Teresa

The End

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