You win, I can't fight for him anymore. It hurts my heart too much to see that ring on his finger, your fingers laced in his, the smile on his face when he looks at you. I use to get that smile you know, but not anymore. I thought he loved me Jemima, but we lost touch, and even though his love might've fallen away, my heart will always belong to him.

               Please, don't hurt him. He truly loves you, I see that now. I won't write you or him anymore, maybe Frances will be happier then. I hope all is well.

Ellen and I are leaving tomorrow, if you want to come and say Goodbye

Tell Frances goodbye and that I love him.

Hope all is well,


P.S. I hope that little ring doesn't weigh down on your partying, but if it does and you can't handle Frances, let me know. After all, I'm due for a wedding soon, I did catch the bouquet!

The End

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