Frances you darling!


 I hope you got Holly's letter. It was her own idea to reply, she surprises me sometimes with her thoughts but her teachers do say she is awfully clever for her age. Thanks again for coming, and like I said Colin and I would love to come to your wedding. The 11th, you said? I absolutely cannot wait! Have you got a honeymoon sorted? I can certainly recommend a small place in Hawaii, it's where Colin and I went for ours: Colin had already written a piece on it being a journalist so it only seemed fair we visit. And what a visit...

Yes, I was a little different back in high school. I remember being quite the talk of the football team! But I like to think I've matured a bit since, it's that moment when you hold your child in your arms that you realise it's time to take adulthood into your arms. I'm sure you'll get the feeling in a year or so!

If Jemima wants to send a gift list for the wedding tell her she's welcome-I do love shopping still after all those years!

Yours, Teresa.

The End

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