oh my gosh Frances!

Hey, Frances, I'm not sure if you'll remember me but this is Teresa. Teresa Parks? I went to your high school. It's been so long but I just thought-well to be honest I thought I saw you the other day, in Central Park! I was walking with Holly, my daughter, and I could have sworn I saw you, and then I wrote to your sister Ellen and she sent me the address. So you DO live in America now! Wow! Isn't it so weird how people just suddenly come back into your life?

I think the last time we saw each other...it was my party, remember? I think you had to leave early... and if I remember rightly you were going out with Chrisy. Do you two still keep in touch? You made such a cute couple.

Listen, I'm throwing a little party for Holly's 10th birthday, and I'm inviting some neighbours and some guys from Colin's work. Do you fancy coming along? It'd be so fab to just catch up-I always thought you were such a character! Remember in drama, when you hit Jenkins in the face? I nearly peed myself laughing!

Yours, Teresa

The End

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