Hey Ramesh!

Hey, Ramesh!

Sadly, I never actually got my engineering degree; I left college to go work over in Kilkenny so that I could support my family. Everything that's happened has been really hard on me. but now Chelsea is in an asylum--I haven't gone down to see her yet--and Mum is settled in a nice Home, Woodland Park.

It's sad to hear about Mohan. He was a great guy, and he never got to see his son! His wife, Karita, was always a sweet, wonderful woman. I'm sure she'll be able to raise the baby alone.

I'm  in New York now, as you probably know, and actually I'm engaged to a beautiful girl named Jemima. I'd love it if maybe you could come out for the wedding? It's January 11th, short notice, but still. I'd really like to see you again.

Your friend,

Frances Francolini

The End

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